Alfred O. Mueck

Alfred O. Mueck
MD., PhD., PharmD., Dr.Med., Dipl.Chem., Dr.Rer.Nat.

Present positions

1) University Women's Hospital of Tuebingen, Dept.of Endocrinology and Menopause, Germany (Head, since 1998)
2) Centre of Women's Health BW, Federal District South Germany (Medical Director 2005-2012, Medical Advisor since 2013 )
3) Honorary Director and Professor of Endocrinology and of Clinical Pharmacology of the Beijing Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital (since March 2011) and of the Beijing Capital Medical University, China (since Sept. 2013) (Tutor for MD, PhD and PharmD)

Education in the three scientific disciplines

1) Chemistry/Biochemistry (1966-1971), at University of Stuttgart, Germany
2) Pharmacology (1974-1978/1992-1995), at University of Basel, Switzerland and University of Tuebingen, Germany, parallel job at the Ciba-Geigy/Novartis Company (1972-1978/1988-1991), last position in this company: Head of Clinical Research (1988-1991)
3) Medicine/Endocrinology (1979-1987) at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and 1992-1998 at the University Women's Hospital in Tuebingen, Germany


• Menopause Societies (since more than 20 years): Germany (President); IMS, EMAS, NAMS, BMS
• More than a dozen German and European Societies of: OB/GYN; Endocrinology; Pharmacology; Oncology/Senology; Internal Medicine
• Editorial Board in about 20 national and international journals (Since more than 15 years for the journals "Climacteric", "Menopause" and "Maturitas")


More than 150 original papers, > 400 reviews and book chapters, > 600 published abstracts (about 80% first author or corresponding author), Editor/Co-editor of 6 books on homone therapy (cardiovascular system/metabolism, Cancer)

Clinical and Research priorities

Menopause; Hormone therapy (endocrinology, pharmacology), Hormonal contraception
Principal investigator in over 50 national/international clinical trials Phase I-IV including more than 20.000 patients