Welcome to the International Menopause Society

Dear Colleagues,

The last 2 years.

The last 2 years have been successful for the IMS. The Board have all worked hard with the President, Professor Rod Baber, to develop schemes to improve the care of women around the world. This period culminated in the World Congress in Prague which was extremely successful. The programme was excellent and thanks must go to Professor Susan Davis, who chaired the Programme Planning Committee, for her effort and organisation.

As a Board, we were keen to achieve financial stability which we did by moving our investments to a bank specialising in the charity sector where, I feel, as the Treasurer, our money will work harder. It may have a rough ride over the next little while but in the medium to long term our security should, I hope, be assured.  

Professor Steve Goldstein (now Treasurer) headed a small group to develop a new category of member aimed at the young everywhere and those in developing countries. An Associate Member has access to the educational aids that we produce and is very good value for money. 

Education has continued under the guidance of Dr Duru Shah and Professor Amos Pines. There has been much success including the development of new Webinars and I hope these continue as they are available to a very wide audience. 

Professor Victor Henderson provided wise guidance for the whole Board and made sure our governance befits that of a Charity which is more difficult and complicated than it sounds. 

We, as the Executive, were supported by a great Board and my thanks is extended to all of them but particularly to Professor Rod Baber who ran a very efficient ship. It was a very enjoyable 2 years.

What I can bring

I am a Professor of Medical Education and Gynaecology at the University of Glasgow and an honorary Consultant at Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary. I have run a menopause clinic for 30 years and have been researching into various aspects of the menopause (period problems, hot flushes and weight gain around menopause among other areas). I was thrilled to be voted in as the 1st female President of the IMS and outline some of my plans below. Some will be facilitated by being the Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London and I know many individuals who are members of both organisations which is very exciting. I look forward to this wonderful opportunity to increase the reach of the IMS around the world and help a little to improve the health and wellbeing of more women in midlife.

The next 18 months

I will be President for only 18 months because of the timing of the meetings in Prague and Vancouver. There are several areas that I want to progress to leave a good legacy for Professor Sue Davis who will take over from me and I have a great Board to help me to achieve the following: -

  • Work more closely with other organisations and societies working in the same area. I want to reduce the duplication and competition that can decrease the impact of the work we all do.
  • Work with Professor Rod Baber, the new Editor of Climacteric, and his Editorial Board supported by Jean Wright and Susan Brown, to make the most of having a first rate journal to further the aims of the Society – Click here to go to Climacteric.
  • Encourage our Educational initiatives.
  • Continue Menopause Live.
  • Support a Regional Meeting. This will be held in Belgrade in November 2017 and will have a very exciting programme. We hope to attract many from Serbia and the surrounding countries not familiar with the work of the IMS.
  • Attend national society meetings around the world. I will be visiting several countries including India, Colombia, China and Singapore and other Board members will be visiting different regions. 
  • Develop a brand new plan to accredit Menopause specialists around the world. A grant has been received to support this work which will be headed up by Dr Duru Shah from Mumbai.
  • Increase numbers attending the World Congress in Vancouver in 2018. This will be a fantastic meeting and the programme is already looking very promising with the plenary speakers in place. It will focus on the younger peri and postmenopausal woman and will be a great opportunity for clinicians around the world to update themselves and improve their skills.
  • Increase the number of Members and Associate Members. Often people don’t join IMS because they don’t realise how wide our reach is and the value for money of the different categories of membership, we must change that.

I wish to engage all IMS members in our activities as otherwise the IMS cannot help either in educating the profession or improving the health and wellbeing of their patients. We need your help to take IMS to the next level.

We must develop new schemes for helping more to attend our meetings in person in order to promote networking and exchange of ideas. We must also work together to expand our digital programme to reach further into parts of the world where it is less easy for those working in healthcare to achieve this. Modern media is there to help this agenda.

Please send any suggestions that you may have to me, as often it is the ‘blue skies’ thoughts of today that become the innovative plans of tomorrow.

My very best wishes to all

Professor Mary Ann Lumsden