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Like a blink of the eye, another year is gone. Those of us who do menopause medicine would say they are happy because 2014 did not produce any ‘breaking news’ in this field. But studies on postmenopausal women are being published, covering all aspects of women’s health in midlife and beyond. As a result, our knowledge and understanding of specific gender- and age-related health issues are constantly growing, which enables us to offer a better therapeutic approach and improved care. Let me quote Wild and Manson, who wrote in their recent paper on hormone therapy ([i]Semin Reprod Med[/i] 2014;32:433–7): ‘We believe that it may be possible to develop individual prediction models based on a woman’s clinical characteristics, baseline biomarker status, gene variants, and pharmaco-epidemiology to identify patients most likely to benefit from a specific dose, route of delivery, or a specific preparation. It may also be possible to better predict who should avoid any form of HT given personal individual risk for major adverse events.’


Being updated in medicine means much reading, which is time-consuming and, in many cases, hard to accomplish. This is why in 2008 the Society started to provide the weekly [i]Menopause Live[/i] series and the monthly literature search in [i]Our Menopause World[/i]. The Editor of these web-based educational activities goes over all new publications and selects the most important or innovative ones. A few of those selected are further chosen to be the basis for a very short, personal commentary, and the Editor then assigns a member to write a [i]Menopause Live[/i] comment. Please visit the IMS website,, click on ‘Education’, then ‘Menopause Live archive’, and hundreds of commentaries on a wide array of menopause-related subjects are ready for you. Just pick whatever is interesting to you personally and enjoy the opportunity for a quick, short clinical update. Every member is invited to contribute, and thus, if you feel you want to join the long list of those who have already written a commentary, please send a mail to either me ( or Jean (


We wish you and your families a happy, healthy, fulfilling and rewarding New Year.


  • Amos Pines


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