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Camilo Rueda Beltz


I’m Camilo Rueda Beltz. Medical Gynecologist graduated from the El Rosario University of Bogotá, Colombia. I did a Menopause training process at the European Foundation for Women’s Health and the Palacios Institute in Madrid Spain. I am a Clinical Professor of Gynecological Endocrinology at the University of La Sabana in Bogotá.

I have held the positions of President of the Colombian Menopause Association (2015-2017) and President of the Colombian Menopause Association Bogotá Chapter (2009-2013). I am a Latin American Expert in Climacteric, title received by FLACSYM in the year 2106.

Within my work as an active member of IMS for about ten years, I have promoted and promoted the courses of Climacteric supported by IMS, in the year 2013 and in the year 2017. These courses have counted with the participation of 500 doctors of the country and from the Latin American region and have been dictated by the most prestigious IMS representatives who have generously come to Colombia, convened by me.

Since 2011 every year I have organized the World Menopause Day with the Colombian Menopause Association, following the official agenda of IMS and in these events we have summoned 150 leading doctors in the country in Climacteric where we have always carried out an event in rural areas of the country, to further encourage the practice and knowledge of Menopause in all possible regions.

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