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Manuel Neves e Castro (1932 – 2022)


Right up to the end, at the age of 90, Gynaecologist Manuel Neves e Castro continued to practice. He was one of Gulbenkian’s first fellows and went to the United States to study hormones. He worked for the inventor of the pill and saw in vitro fertilization born. When he arrived back in Portugal, he brought innovative therapies. He founded the Portuguese Menopause Society and advocated preventive medicine and hormone therapies that, he said, work miracles.

His daughter, Isabel Castro, said of her father “A great mind and a great man who has left behind remarkable work. We shall always remember him.”

Professor Martin Birkhaeuser had these words to say about Manuel “He was a dear friend and great support in our engagement to develop in the different European countries a common thinking about menopause that made 25 years ago the foundation of EMAS possible. At the same time, Manuel always supported IMS with all his efforts, particularly for its educational mission. He was a great figure in menopause.”



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