Benefits of Membership

Subscription to Climacteric

As part of their annual membership fee, members receive a subscription to Climacteric, the Official Journal of the Society, which currently has an impact rating of 2.807. The journal is now published six times per year, in February, April, June, August, October and December, plus Supplements from time to time.

Menopause Live

This much valued e-service provides weekly IMS Update commentaries on recently published papers by IMS members for IMS members.

Our Menopause World

This e-service provides monthly literature reviews and news of menopause activities worldwide.


InFocus offers, several times a year via e-mail, short overviews on themes that have recently been discussed and debated and that may be of interest to members of the Society.

The IMS website

Although many of the pages of the IMS website are open to all, members receive a membership username and password to access the special members’ section, where educational material for free download and the archive issues of Menopause LiveOur Menopause World and InFocus can be found.

Online access to Climacteric

Through the members’ section, access is available to the online version of Climacteric. Members can read and download for their own use all the papers published in the journal since it was started in 1998. The most recent issue of Climacteric can be found online prior to the paper version being published.

IMS Newsletter

The IMS Newsletter is published periodically and e-mailed to members, as well as being put on the Society’s website. It contains news about the Society’s activities, reports of Board meetings and Workshops, information about future IMS meetings – and much more.

Press statements

The Society reacts promptly to new data and media statements in order to provide expert opinion on the implications and guidance for members. These are sent to members by e-mail as well as to the world press agencies so that the IMS view is rapidly and widely disseminated.

Reduced registration fee for the World Congress on Menopause

Members in good standing pay a reduced registration fee for the biennial World Congress on Menopause.


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