The IMS Educational Slide Kit

The IMS Education Sub-committee, with the help of a team of international experts in the field of Women's Health and led by its chair, Duru Shah, has updated the IMS Educational Slide Kit to keep abreast of changes that have occured since 2007 when the Slide Kit was first created.

Professor Martin Birkhauser, who led the original team in 2007, said "It is timely to synthesize all the discussions of the last few years and to give the reclarified view of the IMS to its members on how women's health after menopause can be maintained and even ameliorated, so that women all over the world can profit from the actual recommendations provided by the IMS. In its content, this Slide Kit is at the forefront of knowledge, but in its form it is simple enough to be accessible to non-specialists in all continents. This is the mission of our Society, the IMS, and this is the goal of our Educational Slide Kit."

Thus, the purpose of the Slide Kit is to provide IMS members with an extensive resource of slides to use for their own education and for giving educational presentations to others on a wide variety of topics. We hope that this will enable many colleagues all over the world to remain up-to-date in Climacteric Medicine and Women's Health, to the benefit of their patients. In addition, the slides will be used by the IMS for Educational Workshops world-wide.

A sample of the slides are available below. Those readers wishing to access the full sets may apply for IMS Membership by clicking here. Members, please click here to log in.

In order to view the PowerPoint Presentations and the attached notes, please click on the links below and choose 'Save' or 'Save to Disc', before opening the files.

The Sections of the Slide Kit are:

  1. Sexuality and Quality of Life in Congenital Hypogonadisms download
  1. Gynecological Issues in the Late Postmenopausal Woman download
  1. Metabolic Syndrome download
  1. Complementary therapies for menopausal symptoms download
  1. Premature Ovarian Insufficiency download
  1. Osteoporosis download
  1. Managing Menopause Symptoms after Breast Cancer download
  1. Endometrial and other Cancers in the Menopause download
  1. Fertility at Midlife download
  1. Urogenital Symptoms in the Postmenopause download
  1. Stroke download
  1. Menopause Physiology download
  1. Female Sexual Dysfunction download
  1. Understanding Weight Gain at Menopause download
  1. Update on Cognitive Health and Dementia download
  1. Exercise and adult women's health download
  1. VTE download
  1. Perimenopausal Bleeding: The Rollercoaster of Midlife v2 download