Membership Application

Membership of the IMS is open to individual scientists who are involved in basic research or clinical work, or those individuals who have an interest in these or other aspects of this particular field.

Requests for membership should be made using the Society's online application form or in writing using the paper version of the application form. If using the paper version, please print out and submit to the Executive Director, at the address indicated on the form. After the Executive Director has received the completed membership form, an official IMS invoice will be issued. Membership of the IMS is only confirmed when payment of this invoice has been received.

Application for membership implies acceptance of the rules and objectives of the Society. The annual membership fee is fixed by the General Assembly. This Assembly is convened at least once every 2 years, usually at the same time and place of the IMS World Congress. Current fees: £125.00 GBP. This fee includes a subscription to the Journal Climacteric.