Welcome to the International Menopause Society

June 2018 - Welcome Message – Prof. Susan Davis, IMS President

Be you an IMS member or a non-member visiting our website, welcome.  

Two weeks ago, I commenced my term as the 14th President of the Society.  Having just stepped into this role the most immediate feeling I experienced was that our immediate Past President, Mary Ann Lumsden, has not simply vacated her office for me to step into, but rather she has handed to me the care of a global family. The IMS is a highly professional organisation. Yet somehow, since its inception, the Society has retained a special personal and human side, with a strong sense of connectedness. This has persisted despite the geographic, socio-political and linguistic diversity of our membership. 

Our newly elected and re-elected Board is strongly representative of the diverse geographic membership of the IMS. The Board members are all highly credentialed, having held leadership positions at national and/or regional levels as evidenced by the brief bios on the website. Having been the sole non-gynaecologist on the Board in the past, I am delighted this is not now the case, with new Board members having professional backgrounds in general practice, endocrinology, psychology and gynaecology.  

The IMS is comprised of individuals, and also conceptually, of other societies, through the Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies (CAMs). Both components are important. My goals over the next two years include strengthening the links between the IMS and the major regional menopause Societies, by supporting their congresses and educational activities, providing support to the national Societies by working closely with CAMs and generating educational resources to be shared through these networks. The CAMs has provided continuous support of the IMS educational activities through translation into a number of languages. This dramatically expands the reach and hence impact of our educational efforts, and for this I am most grateful. 

The IMPART programme is our flagship educational resource that establishes the leadership of the IMS in international midlife women’s health clinician education. This initiative was spear-headed by Duru Shah, and its development has been accomplished by the generosity of time and commitment of a number of people- too many to name. The IMPART programme is unique in that it is not only comprehensive and evidence based but it is free for anyone to access. The success of IMPART will reside in its uptake, and that will be very much dependent on people becoming aware of its existence. So, I encourage you to spread the word as to its quality, availability and accessibility.

I hope over the coming 2 years to increase opportunities for IMS members to contribute to the Society’s activities and development. Traditionally the many subcommittees of the Board have been comprised only of Board members. By co-opting other members in good standing to some of these committees I hope to enrich these subcommittees and facilitate for broader membership involvement. 

The IMS also has opportunities to be interconnected with other large international Societies. In the coming months the IMS will run a pre-congress full day workshop, based on the IMPART programme, in Rio de Janeiro, as an official FIGO activity, and we have an IMS symposium in the body of the meeting. We will also have a menopause symposium at the International Congress of Endocrinology in Cape Town in December 2018. Immediately after that we hold our full Board meeting in Dubai and in doing so support the British Menopause Society-RCOG conference, “New Frontiers in Post Reproductive Health” to be held at that time.    

A major undertaking of the Society is guideline development for best clinical care. Several guidelines are available on the website. Our Education Committee will conduct a review of the available guidelines over the coming months and recommend which ones need revision and updating.  The Executive has started to plan towards working with other societies to address gaps in clinical guideline and recommendations. More on that in future updates. 

I look forward to working with the Board and its Executive, General Secretary Nick Panay, Treasurer Sunila Khandelwal, Past President Mary Ann Lumsden and President-elect Steven Goldstein.  None of us could get the job done without the sound support of our Executive Officer, Lee Tomkins assisted by Martin Derbyshire. 

Prof. Susan Davis, IMS President