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The International Menopause Society members extend their sincerest sympathy to the family of Dr Fernand Labrie who passed away this month. Dr Labrie was a man with a great passion for science, who was prepared to challenge dogma. This resulted in his having a distinguished career, acknowledged by his many national and international awards including the Prince of Wales Award, the Medal of the Governor General of Canada, Officer of the Order of Canada and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. He has mentored many of our Society members through their careers, including present Board Members. I first met Fernand in 1995 at a DHEA meeting in Washington DC after which he invited me to a subsequent meeting in Quebec City. His belief in the importance of DHEA for postmenopausal women resulted in his founding Endoceutics in 2006 to progress DHEA as a treatment option. His determination resulted in a very successful program of clinical research that led to the approval of Prasterone for women in many countries. I recently spoke with Fernand at a Congress as he stood proudly by the Endoceutic’s stand. We chatted for a while about various things. I asked Fernand when he was planning to retire. He simply smiled and said “Never.” Dr Fernand Labrie has made important contributions in the field of women’s health and will be missed by many.


  • Susan Davis
    President, the International Menopause Society


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