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Past Webinars

Management of Menopause in Patients with Obesity

The Microbiome and Nutrition in Midlife Women

Reproductive Conditions and Consequences for Menopausal Health and Management

Menopause and Work

To sleep, perchance to dream

The Heart of the Matter

Brain Fog in Menopause: A HCP’s Guide for Decision Making and Counseling on Cognition

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women

Osteoporosis for midlife women and beyond

Dealing with a Big Issue: Weight gain at midlife

Menopause: a cardio-metabolic transition

Predictors of Premature and Early Natural Menopause

Sexual Health Issues in Menopause

The Early Menopausal Patient

Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with MHT: Where are we now?

Breast Cancer

Update on Bone Health

Perimenopause Contraception

Transgender and menopause

Clinician readiness for new therapies for vasomotor symptoms

What to offer for vasomotor symptoms when MHT is contraindicated

Female hormones and Covid – how relevant are they?

Understanding Bone Densitometry

Progestogen, progestin, progesterone: Why all the confusion?

Brain function in the menopause: where do we stand now?

Dealing with a big issue – weight gain at midlife

Managing menopausal bleeding

Actualización del manejo de la osteoporosis – Webinar en Español

VVA the silent epidemic

Lessons from the Global Consensus on Testosterone for Women

Menopause Hormone Therapy Dos and Dont’s

Past Symposia

Menopause: Understanding Hormonal Variations’ Impact on Skin & Scalp

2021 Vision: Practical Steps to Optimize Your Benefit-Risk. Discussions for a New Decade

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