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The International Menopause Society was born in 1978 in Jerusalem during the 2nd International Congress on the Menopause. Please click here to see a presentation on the history of the organisation by former IMS President Rodney Baber in his Peter Van Keep lecture at the IMS World Congress in Prague, September 2016.

The mission of the International Menopause Society (IMS) is to work globally to promote and support access to best practice health care for women through their menopause transition and post-reproductive years, enabling them to achieve optimal health and well-being.

The vision of the IMS is that all women across the world will have easy and equitable access to evidence-based knowledge and health care, empowering them to make fully informed mid-life health choices.

The mission and vision are achieved by:

  • Disseminating evidence-based knowledge to doctors and health care professionals all over the world through multi-lingual and multi-cultural educational resources, programs and events including the World Menopause Congress
  • Supporting and promoting research into all aspects of the menopause and aging in women
  • Facilitating collaboration and information-exchange between health care professionals, medical societies and organisations with shared interests and goals
  • Supporting and promoting excellence in the multi-disciplinary delivery of health care to women through the menopause transition and post-reproductive years
  • Development of evidence-based guidelines and position statements on issues related to the menopause and post-reproductive health
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of the menopause amongst the global community, health care professionals and policy makers
  • Providing multi-lingual, culturally sensitive health information to the global community, health care professionals and policy makers
  • Guiding the media in the communication of new research findings and consistent health messages to the global community

The work of the IMS is underpinned by the highest of ethical standards. Our ethics statement can be found here.

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