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World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing. We encourage professionals and women to participate in this global awareness raising campaign by printing and sharing these materials, organising events to engage their communities, and sharing World Menopause Day social media posts.

The theme for World Menopause Day 2021 is Bone Health.

The White Paper was published in the October 2021 issue of Climacteric with permanent free access. Translated versions of the paper, poster and consumer leaflet are available below.

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White Paper

Patient Information Leaflet

Awareness Raising Poster

Engagement Toolkit

Reports from around the World



Update on bone health: the IMS White Paper

Osteoporosis and associated fractures present a major challenge in improving global health outcomes. Key clinical aspects are the definition of osteoporosis and associated fractures, fracture risk prediction, stratification of risk of fracture, intervention thresholds and the most appropriate intervention based on integration of aforementioned. Correct understanding and application of these concepts are essential to stem the increasing tide of fragility fractures associated with an aging population. The role of muscle strength and function, sarcopenia, and the newly emerging concept of osteosarcopenia in maintaining bone health are discussed in detail.

The International Menopause Society has commissioned two experts at the forefront of their specialty to define the state of the art in the understanding of this condition, to advise on practical management strategies and to propose future research strategies.

Translations of the White Paper are available free of charge to download below.

English    Arabic    Bangla    Chinese    Croatian    Croatian – Medix    Dutch    French    Hungarian    Italian    Mongolian     Portuguese    Russian    Spanish



Patient Information Leaflet: Update on bone health

IMS has produced the Patient Information Leaflet to help women to better understand the condition and how it can be managed and treated.

To download and read the Patient Information Leaflet on Bone Health, click on the appropriate language below:

English    Bangla    Chinese    Croatian    Dutch    French    German    Gujarati    Hindi    Italian    Mongolian    Portuguese    Russian    Spanish




Awareness Raising Poster: Bone Health

This A4 poster is designed to make women think about and possibly seek help regarding the changes that are happening to them as they enter mid life.

The poster can be used in a physician’s waiting room or reception, in libraries, or during health awareness meetings for women. The poster can be used throughout the year to encourage women to seek help and advice from their health care professional. It is available in the following languages:

English    Chinese    Croatian    Dutch    French    German    Italian    Mongolian    Portuguese    Russian    Spanish





Engagement Toolkit

Organisations, professionals and women are all encouraged to participate in the World Menopause Day global awareness raising campaign by sharing our educational resources, organising events and engaging with social media posts.

This Engagement Toolkit will enable you to share and promote your activities to a global audience.

English   Chinese   Croatian   Dutch   Italian   Mongolian   Portuguese   Russian   Spanish




Social Media Assets

You can download the World Menopause Day Logo and three different quotes (in varying sizes) about Bone Health from the authors of the White Paper for use in your social media campaigns by  clicking here


Reports from Around the World

Here you will find the reports that we receive showing how World Menopause Day 2021 was celebrated around the globe.

Please forward your own experiences and photos to for inclusion here.


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