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The links below are to websites of organizations dedicated to the study and understanding of the climacteric and adult women’s health.

For Women & Professionals

  • Menopause Matters – This is an independent, clinician-led website. Its aim is to provide easily accessible, up-to-date, accurate information about the menopause, menopausal symptoms and treatment options, including Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and alternative therapies, so that women and health professionals can make informed choices about menopause management.
  • The Womens Health Council – The Women’s Health Council provides menopause information and services for women in Ireland and has carried out a substantial body of research.
  • Manage My Menopause – The leading site for tailored menopausal advice provided by experts
  • Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) – The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals is the leading source for trusted medical education and information on reproductive and sexual health. We educate health care providers, inform consumers, and help shape public policy.
  • National Womens Health Resource Center – A nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping women make informed decisions about their health, to encourage healthy lifestyles, to promote wellness, and to prevent disease. Providing access to health information and resources is the Center’s primary goal. The information provided on the site is comprehensive, objective, and supported by an advisory council comprised of leading medical and health experts.
  • The Menopause Health Club – The Menopause Health Club (Mid Age Club) was conceptualized and founded by Dr Kala shah in 1999 to facilitate her mission of awareness of this hard to diagnose and treat condition. Currently Menopause Health Club focuses on education, raising public interest and creating solutions that encompass medical, social and psychological issues for middle aged women and their families.

For Medical Professionals

  • Australasian Menopause SocietyThe Australasian Menopause Society hopes to help bring together such people as doctors, nurses, paramedical, and community workers who want to participate in communication and scientific discussions for the advancement of knowledge about the menopause.
  • European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) – EMAS was founded to promote the study of all aspects of the climacteric in both men and women; to organise, prepare and participate in international meetings and congresses in Europe on subjects related to Menopause and Andropause; and to advance the interchange of research and experience between members of the society. EMAS is recognised by the Swiss Government and acknowledged by the International Menopause Society as the official Regional European Menopause Society.
  • The German Menopause Society
  • International Federation of Gynecology & Obstetrics (FIGO) – The mission of this worldwide organization representing obstetricians and gynecologists is to promote the well being of women and to raise the standard of practice in obstetrics and gynecology.
  • The International Society for the Study of the Aging Male (ISSAM)
  • Jacobs Institute of Womens Health (JIWH) – The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) established the JIWH to promote the study and reporting of women’s health issues at the interface of medicine and the social sciences.
  • The Jean Hailes Foundation – The foundation plays a unique role in providing quality health care to women. The combination of cutting edge research, community and professional education, and clinical care empowers women to make informed choices about their own health.
  • The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) – The leading nonprofit, voluntary health organization dedicated to promoting lifelong bone health in order to reduce the widespread prevalence of osteoporosis and associated fractures, while working to find a cure for the disease through programs of research, education and advocacy.
  • The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) – The only national charity in the UK dedicated to eradicating osteoporosis and promoting bone health. The NOS provides information to the public and health professionals on all aspects of the disease and encourages people to take action to protect their bones from osteoporosis or prevent further bone loss.
  • International Osteoporosis Foundation – IOF’s Mission is to increase awareness and understanding of osteoporosis, to motivate people to take action to prevent, diagnose and treat osteoporosis, and to support national osteoporosis societies in order to maximize their effectiveness.
  • North American Menopause Society – A leading nonprofit scientific organization devoted to promoting understanding of menopause and to improving the health of women through midlife and beyond.
  • Portuguese Menopause Society
  • Sociedad Chilena de Climaterio
  • University of Melbourne Key Centre for Womens Health in Society – Currently, the Centre is one of five centres worldwide designated to provide training on gender and reproductive health as part of the WHO.
  • The Global Library of Womens Medicine – The Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM) is an online comprehensive reference to current clinical practice for clinicians and other medical professionals – constantly updated, fully referenced and peer reviewed. GLOWM has been developed under the editorial leadership of Professor John J. Sciaara and supported by a distinguished international editorial board. The primary feature of this site consists of 442 specialist chapters on women’s medicine, plus 53 supplementary chapters, authored by over 650 expert contributors citing more than 40,000 references. The objective of this site is to support clinicians in their care of women. It is hoped that the information provided – which is designed to be up-to-date, expert and practical – will be a useful resource for all physicians and, in addition, that it may be of particular benefit where access to the latest textbooks and references is difficult.
  • – have re-produced the 2016 IMS Recommendations on Womens Midlife Health and Menopause Hormone Therapy plus you will also find guidance for health professionals on a wide range of topics.
  • The British Menopause Society: For UK Health Professionals – The British Menopause Society (BMS) is a registered charity and multi-disciplinary society directed at the medical profession.  It was founded in 1989 to advance education in menopausal healthcare. Our mission is To increase awareness of post reproductive healthcare issues, and to promote optimal management through lectures, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and publications, including its journal, Post Reproductive Health.
International Menopause Society

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