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To co-ordinate with the theme of the 2016 World Congress, ‘Heart Health Matters,’ this year’s World Menopause Day Awareness Campaign highlights the opportunity of using the menopausal period to assess female-specific risk factors and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease.

Although it is a disease of aging, vascular disease initiates much earlier in life. Thus, there is a need to be aware of the potential to prevent the development of the disease from an early age, and

continue this surveillance throughout life. The menopausal period and early menopause presents an ideal opportunity to assess cardiovascular risk and plan accordingly. Generally in this period, women will be seen by primary health care professionals and non-cardiovascular specialists.   This review addresses female-specific risk factors that may contribute to the potential development of CVD. It is important for all health care professionals dealing with women in midlife and beyond, to be cognisant of these risk factors and to initiate female specific preventative measures or to refer to a cardiovascular specialist.

A White Paper – Cardiovascular risk assessment in women – an update

Authored by Peter Collins, Carolyn M. Webb, Tobie De Villiers, John Stevenson, Nicholas Panay and Rod Baber, this is a systematic review to summarise the literature and evaluate evidence on common, modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in postmenopausal women. The review is available for download on the Taylor & Francis website and will be published in the hard copy of our peer-reviewed journal, Climacteric, in October 2016.

white paper

Translations of the review are available free of charge to download – see links below. Other translations will be added as they become available.


The IMS grants permission to individuals only to reproduce the copies of the review for their own personal use but requests that organisations contact Ms Lee Tomkins, IMS Executive Director for advice on how to order reprints.

Awareness Raising Poster – Do what makes your heart healthy

poster in Arabic

poster in Spanish

This A4 poster is designed to disseminate the message – Reduce your risk factors; a happy heart is a healthy heart.

The poster can be used in a physician’s waiting room or reception, in libraries, or during health awareness meetings for women. The poster can be used throughout the year to encourage women to seek help and advice from their health care professional. It is available in the following languages:

Patient Information Leaflet – Do what makes your heart healthy

This comprehensive booklet recognises that the menopausal phase in a woman’s life is an important window where preventative measures can be most effective in reducing cardiac risk and prevent heart disease.  It explains how to identify cardiac risk and highlights the top 10 tips for women to work with health professionals to explore options and prevention strategies that provide the correct tailored interventions for an individual patient.


Health care providers and women can read and download the leaflet – see links below:

Reports from around the world


Click here for a comprehensive report from the Indian Menopause Society on their activities during October for World Menopause Day/Month 2016

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