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A paper recently published by Kolios and colleagues addresses the effect of estrogen and alendronate on the healing of osteoporosis-related fractures in mice [1]. Three groups of ovariectomized mice and one control group received a soy-free diet. Two of the three groups of castrated mice additionally received either 17β-estradiol or alendronate in the diet. After 10 weeks, a metaphyseal tibia osteotomy and T-plate fixation were performed on all mice. After a 5-week healing period, the mice were sacrificed and the fracture callus was evaluated qualitatively by biomechanical bending and quantitatively by micro-radiographic sections. It was found that the 17β-estradiol-treated mice had superior biomechanical properties compared to all other groups and that this could be attributed to healing in the callus that occurred in a physiological fashion with improvement in the trabecular structure. The alendronate-treated group did not show these properties and results were only marginally better than the results in the ovariectomized mice that did not receive 17β-estradiol or alendronate but worse than the results in the control group. The authors conclude with a suggestion that a short treatment course with 17β-estradiol in the first weeks after fracture might be beneficial in humans. It is argued that, with such a limited (not defined) treatment course, benefits will outweigh negative effects.


  • Tobie J. De Villiers
    Panorama MediClinic and Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa


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