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Menopause is associated with dramatic changes in a woman’s hormonal and metabolic profile. Whereas menopause [i]per se[/i] does not seem to affect body weight, the estrogen decline around menopause is associated with a body fat redistribution favoring an android pattern [1]. Furthermore, although incapable of producing estrogens, the postmenopausal ovary remains an active endocrine organ, contributing substantially to the circulating androgen pool [2]. Cao and colleagues [3] in their recent paper conducted a cross-sectional study in early (≤ 5 years) and late (≥ 10 years) postmenopausal women to investigate the association of these two parameters, namely body fat distribution and circulating serum androgens. Late postmenopausal women had a higher percentage of body fat, compared to their younger counterparts, although body mass index (BMI) did not differ between groups. Both early and late obese postmenopausal women had higher androgen levels and more abdominal fat compared to women with normal weight. Serum androgens (free testosterone in early and DHEAS in late postmenopausal women) showed an independent and significant positive association with abdominal adiposity.


  • Irene Lambrinoudaki
    Associate Professor of Gynecological Endocrinology, Medical School, University of Athens, Greece and Vice President of the European Menopause and Andropause Society


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