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The potential association of postmenopausal hormone use and the occurrence of acute pancreatitis was investigated in a prospective study involving 31,494 postmenopausal women (aged 48–8  years) from the population-based Swedish Mammography Cohort [1]. Participants completed a baseline questionnaire in 1997 assessing their use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The cohort was linked to the hospital-based Swedish National Patient Register to determine hospital admissions for acute pancreatitis through 2010. Over a total follow-up of 389,456 person-years, 237 cases of incident acute pancreatitis were identified. The age-standardized incidence rates per 100,000 person-years were 71 cases among women who had ever used HRT and 52 cases among women who had never used such hormones. Among ever-users of HRT, the multivariable-adjusted relative risk (RR) of acute pancreatitis was 1.57 (95% confidence interval (CI) 1.20–2.05) compared with never-users. The risk did not differ by current or past use, but it seemed to be higher among women who used systemic therapy (RR = 1.92, 95% CI 1.38–2.66) and among those with duration of therapy of more than 10 years (RR = 1.87, 95% CI 1.11–3.17).


  • Amos Pines
    Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel


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