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The IMS Board works tirelessly to support the aims of the Society and to ensure that the best educational resources and updates on research are available to all the membership. However, do you really know who they are? This new occasional profile series gives you the opportunity to learn more about each Board member, providing a personal perspective and insight into the people who represent the leadership of the Society.


Professor Camil Castelo-Branco is the Director of the Obstetrics & Gynecology Unit at the Surgery Department of Barcelona University, and Chairman of the Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies of the International Menopause Society.

I’ve been reading

A Baleia Que Engoliu Um Espanhol [The Whale that Swallowed a Spaniard] by Marco Neves. This book is an adventure novel, written in Portuguese, that takes us in search of treasure hidden in an old Portuguese island and recounts, along the way, some stories of Portuguese history.

I’m researching

I have been researching the oxidative process of aging. We need to know how oxredox dysfunction impacts women’s process of aging.

My team

I’m leading a plurinational group composed of researchers from Mexico, Chile, Italy and Russia. All are very pro-active, imaginative, collaborative, passionate and accurate in research and in interpersonal relations.

An anecdote

Normally, gynecologists do not do the births of their partners, but in my youthful unconsciousness I practiced the two Cesareans of my wife and I was the first person to touch my children.

I’m worried about

The future of the world. Many politicians are more concerned to please companies that subsidize their campaigns than to ensure a clean and safe future for humankind.

I’ve been thinking

Publish or die. Many hospitals and universities value almost exclusively or mostly publications in medical journals, often forgetting that medical praxis and teaching activities are also fundamental.

In my spare time

I like to listen to classical music and read (I’m a compulsive reader) but also like to practice sport on a daily basis. Currently, I am black belt second dan in Iaido and first dan in Kendo and Judo.

A thorn in my side

The credulity of people in everything that is published in magazines and newspapers or is shown on TV and the lack of critical reading.

What challenges me

Improving in all day to day.



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