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The Society has recognized the need to be able to communicate at all levels and in recent months has raised our profile on social media. This involves much more activity on Twitter and Facebook pages and the latest initiative is on LinkedIn. This provides us with the opportunity to engage with more followers among the LinkedIn’s global community of health professionals and creates another platform to showcase news about the Society and the services we provide. The Society is keen to make this an avenue for the global medical community dedicated to midlife women’s health to communicate with the IMS and to create a band of followers. It is very simple to create your own LinkedIn personal profile and join in by following these three simple actions: Click on click on the IMS Follow button, on the left-hand side – when members click the Follow button, company updates will appear on followers LinkedIn feed and on the Society page.Share the page’s updates – whenever you share, comment or like a page content via the status bar feature, not only is that content shared in your Home news feeds, it is then shared in the news feeds of your connections also.Add the IMS page to your current Experience section – you can update your current Experience section, on your personal LinkedIn profile, to include the IMS by clicking on the IMS logo; this allows a profile viewer to move seamlessly from your personal profile to our company page.

We ask all members to give it a try if they are not already using LinkedIn and see what the possibilities are to participate in the global debate around midlife health.

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