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The IMS Board works tirelessly to support the aims of the Society and to ensure that the best educational resources and updates on research are available to all the membership. However, do you really know who they are? This new occasional profile series gives you the opportunity to learn more about each Board member, providing a personal perspective and insight into the people who represent the leadership of the Society.

Professor Camilo Rueda Beltz is a clinical professor at the University of La Sabana in Bogotá Colombia and former President of the Colombian Association of Menopause. He is a current member of the IMS Board.

I’ve been reading

Recently I have read the book The Languages of Love. It talks about the four essential aspects that should be kept in mind and in practice in every couple relationship – such simple details that we often take for granted without giving them the importance they deserve.

I am researching

I am conducting a line of research with my gynecology residents on several of the controversial aspects of hormonal therapy in menopause. Many of these issues have not been clearly defined in the international consensus and we intend to give a respected opinion in systematic reviews of the literature.

My team

I direct my rotating residents in the area of gynecological endocrinology. It is very enriching to be sharing experience with young people every day … they keep you alive and with hope.

An anecdote

Years ago I was invited to give a lecture to Peru. The theme was for my choice and I did not know how to open my presentation. I am lucky to be fond of soccer, a sport I have been able to play professionally for more than 20 years. Thanks to my football experience, I decided to open my lecture talking about the stars of soccer’s past in Peru and Colombia – after that everything was easier.

I’m worried

I see with concern that the new generations of doctors are not enthusiastic in shaping and leading the scientific associations. I have noticed that this prevails world-wide. The scientific associations are our only spaces that, if we do not inhabit and cultivate, they will lose the value they have had.

I’ve been thinking

How to be effective in counteracting so much disinformation which in social networks and in the mass media creates so many ‘truths’ that in the end they are ‘lies’ and are very difficult to refute.

In my free time

Thirty years ago, I played soccer and I thought I would never leave it. Very innocent on my part! Soccer left me … the years charge the bill! Now since a little less than 10 years ago, I play golf … I hope not to leave it!!!



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