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One of the aims of the International Menopause Society is disseminating evidence-based information about menopause on a regular basis. Menopause Live, an IMS e-service, is issued on the second through the fourth Monday of each month; it provides an expert commentary on a recent research paper regarding menopause and women’s midlife health. The idea is to highlight, among the plethora of papers published each day, any significant or potential practice changing news of value to the IMS membership. Menopause Live relies on your active participation. We therefore invite you to contribute to Menopause Live with your scientific expertise in any field of women’s health. The Menopause Live slogan has always been “for IMS members, by IMS members”, however as of this year, well written commentaries by your trainees and junior fellows will be gladly accepted. Also, any feedback on how you would like to see Menopause Live improved will be appreciated. On a personal note, the year we are leaving behind has been one of great satisfaction because it has given me the opportunity to fill the role of Scientific Editor for Menopause Live and come in close contact with persons of incredible scientific value. So far, the experience has been very enriching. I would like to thank Susan Davis and the IMS Board Members for granting me this opportunity and Prof. Amos Pines who has elegantly handed me the baton of Menopause Live but continues to be of great support. I am also grateful to Lee Tomkins and Jean Wright who have welcomed me with open arms. This makes me look forward to working with you through the year ahead. May 2019 may be filled with great personal and professional achievements for all of you.


  • Patrizia Monteleone


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