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Climacteric, the Journal of the International Menopause Society (IMS), was founded in 1998 and has become a leader in publishing peer-reviewed research on the menopause.

The editorial review board is comprised of opinion leaders in the field of menopause research and is headed by two Editors-in-chief, Anna Fenton of New Zealand and Nick Panay of the United Kingdom. The Editors-in-chief act independently to set editorial policy, and the journal is under the direct supervision of the IMS President.

The Editors of Climacteric encourage members to submit papers for review and publication so that the journal may continue to publish the latest research on the menopause.

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IMS seeks new Editors in Chief of Climacteric
Rod Baber IMS President reports that after nine years at the helm of Climacteric, Nick Panay and Anna Fenton have decided to retire as Editors in Chief of the Society journal.
‘I want to thank both Editors for all their hard work and expertise in the development of our journal. During their stewardship Climacteric has been administered smoothly, has increased its profitability and has released a number of landmark papers. As a consequence Anna and Nick have been able to increase Climacteric's impact factor. The Impact Factor for 2015 for Climacteric which has just been announced has risen significantly  from 2.264 for 2014 to 2.492 for 2015. 
Our journal is now ranked 21 out of 60 in the ISI Obstetrics & Gynaecology category, and we are now looking for new Editorial leadership to continue the journal success. If you, as an IMS Member, feel you would like to put yourself forward, or indeed know of anyone suitably qualified for the role, can you please contact Lee Tomkins, Executive Director for further information.'

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