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Rod Baber - IMS President

Welcome to the International Menopause Society

Dear Members,

My first six months  as the 12th President of The IMS has been action packed and I believe that, with the support of the IMS Officers and Board, we have already laid down some solid foundation stones to build the Society for the future.

Our educational reach will be truly global over the next two years. After the success of our regional meeting in Mumbai, India in 2013 we are currently working on the second regional conference which will take place in Taipei, Taiwan, 4–6th December 2015 in collaboration with the Taiwanese Menopause Society. This will be a high quality, scientifically and culturally stimulating event and I  encourage all our members, and friends, particularly in the southern hemisphere, to put this in their schedule.

Of course our 15th World Congress on Menopause will take place in Prague, in the Czech Republic, from 28th September – 1st October 2016.  I have recently visited Prague with our congress team.  Prague has survived centuries of wars and invasions essentially intact. It is a  magical city, blessed with great architecture, great music, great food and friendly welcoming people. It is also fortunate to have an excellent congress centre well linked to hotels and to the city centre.  The 15th World Congress on The Menopause will be the peak global scientific event on the menopause and adult women’s health calendar for 2016. Susan Davis, head of the  IMS Scientific Committee and her co-chair Tommaso Simoncini are working hard to identify the best scientific research and speakers covering a comprehensive range of topics on adult women’s health within a central theme of ‘Heart Health Matters’, which will help all of us to provide the best, most up to date, care for our patients. We need the help of every IMS member to make this event a success, so if you have any suggestions for speakers  please let us know.  Similarly we would like each of you to encourage colleagues to attend this meeting. Regular attendees will know just how valuable the IMS World Congresses are but I would like you all to spread the word. It’s never too early to start talking about the World Congress!

Climacteric, our peer reviewed journal, has received a significant boost this year with an impact factor registered at 2.244, greater than it has been for many years.  Many thanks to the Editorial team for all their efforts and  congratulations to them also on their achievements. The Editors would like to hear from every member who potentially has a paper to be published or is willing to provide reviews for the journal in the future. This is your journal and I encourage you to get involved.  If you’ve never submitted a paper write to the Editors for help and advice.

I would also like to thank some of the key Board members who have worked so hard to improve what IMS has to offer all of you. Duru Shah as head of the Education Committee is reaching out to the WHO to support our activities, working on CME credits for all our educational materials and has some exciting new modules in the pipeline for everyone to use.   Camil Castelo Branco, as Chairman of CAMS has revitalised the CAMS operation with a new dedicated website and visiting so many CAMs to identify what they can do to support IMS.  Lastly I would like to thank Tobie de Villiers for his sage advice and support as past President.

The IMS Board is working hard to make IMS relevant and as helpful as possible to every  member,  so please watch out for the new website currently under construction, new patient educational videos which will be available on You Tube to help women to understand menopause and hormone therapy and to counteract all the incorrect information already there.  We are also planning a new committee to develop the IMS social media strategy, so if any of you are fans of Twitter and Facebook and would like to help us engage more with 21st Century technology, please let me know!

Rod Baber
President IMS

IMS Second Regional Conference

Taipei, Taiwan, December 4–6

First announcement and preliminary programme

IMS is proud to announce the second regional conference which will be held  in Taipei, Taiwan, 4–6 December 2015.  The preliminary programme ‘Changes in Management for Change in Life’,  is a result of a close collaboration between IMS and  the Taiwanese Menopause Society, aiming to  hold a regional event in Asia to address identified needs in menopause management.

Rodney Baber, IMS President, comments,  “After the success of the inaugural regional conference held in Mumbai in 2013, it has been a great pleasure to work with Ko En Huang, Conference President and previous IMS Board member, and leading members of the Taiwanese Menopause Society, to create this interesting and wide ranging scientific programme for our second regional conference. We are honoured to be working with our partners throughout this important region. We urge all IMS members in the Asia Pacific to attend the conference to hear both international and local experts, who bring the latest research outcomes to influence clinical practice, today and in the future”

The IMS launches patient information videos on YouTube – a new practical guide to managing the menopause

The IMS is pleased to announce a series of seven short, easy-to-understand videos available on YouTube, to specifically help women access simple, relevant and credible information about the menopause and counteract the misleading information often found on social media sites. The videos cover a whole range of issues surrounding the menopause, including the issues women worry most about: weight gain, treatment safety, and sex after the menopause.

Rod Baber, President of the IMS, who is one of the presenters, commented: “The internet is a great source of information, but it is also a great source of misinformation, particularly where health is concerned. The IMS is the most authoritative global body dealing with the menopause, so we have a responsibility to make sure that good, reliable information is available to women going through the menopause.”

The information is also presented by IMS Board members, Susan Davis and Anna Fenton. The videos are short, running from 4 to 13 minutes and each one covers a specific menopausal subject in bite-sized form, so they can be viewed separately to address specific issues, or together as a good educational package.

All these videos are available to the public free of charge and can be viewed here.

Assessment and Management of Cardiovascular Risks in Women - A Short Guide for Menopause Physicians

Global toolkit to diagnose menopause, endorsed by the International Menopause Society

A free and simple toolkit for GPs could revolutionise menopause diagnosis and treatment. Created at Monash University, the world’s first toolkit is designed for GPs to use with women from the age of 40 and researchers believe it has the potential to help manage menopausal conditions for women globally.
The Practitioner Toolkit for Managing the Menopause, which includes a diagnostic tool, as well as a compendium of approved hormone therapies, is published in the journal, Climacteric, the peer-reviewed journal of the International Menopause Society.
Please follow the links to view the toolkit, full paper published in Climacteric and a press release.

See also a news clip of Susan Davis being interviewed about the practitioner toolkit in Australia.


Updated IMS Recommendations
Assessment and Management of Cardiovascular Risks in Women - A Short Guide for Menopause Physicians

IMS Research Bursary 2014

The winner of this award has been anounced - read more »

Aims of the IMS

The aims of the IMS are to promote knowledge, study and research on all aspects of aging in men and women; to organize, prepare, hold and participate in international meetings and congresses on menopause and climacteric; and to encourage the interchange of research plans and experience between individual members. The Society is a non-profit association, within the meaning of the Swiss Civil Code. It was created in 1978 in Jerusalem during the Menopause Congress. In addition to organizing congresses, symposia, and workshops, the IMS publishes a quarterly newsletter and owns its own journal: Climacteric, the Journal of the International Menopause Society, published by Informa Healthcare. The IMS has two sub-organs: CAMS, the Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies, and the WSSM, the World School for the Study of the Menopause.

The Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies (CAMS)

CAMS was established as a continuing and tangible line of two-way communication between the Board of the Society and the affiliated and non-affiliated national and regional menopause societies throughout the world. It is instrumental in disseminating the views and opinions of the IMS among the menopause societies and acts as an advisory body to the Board with respect to policy matters and strategy definition, and any other assignments that the IMS Board find appropriate. In addition to facilitating inter-society relationships, CAMS is ideally positioned to carry out pan-society research; all projects are to be submitted to and approved by the IMS Board.

WSSM LogoThe World School for the Study of Menopause

WSSM is the educational section of the IMS, a non-profit organization created with the aim of promoting knowledge among health-care providers on menopause-related issues and providing the highest-quality, most accurate scientific information. The WSSM provides courses, educational programs and lectures in the field of adult women’s health and menopause. The School collaborates, on invitation, with national and regional menopause societies, offering to participate in the organization of programs in cooperation with the societies, to provide international speakers, and to enrich interchange of ideas and experiences.

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Latest news

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16th February 2015Menopausal hormone use and ovarian cancer risk: individual participant meta-analysis of 52 epidemiological studies. The Lancet. Published online, 12 February 2015 – read more»

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16th December 2014 – Honorary doctorate awarded to Professor Henry Burger – read more»

21st October 2014 – The WHO Regional Meeting on Health of Older Women: Policy, Gender and Delivery of Service Issues was held 23–25th September 2014 in Bangkok, aiming to promote the health of older women in countries of South-East Asia Region.
Report on the meeting attended by Dr. Duru Shah on behalf of the International Menopause Society – read more»

World Menopause Day, 18th October 2014 – 'Prevention of diseases after menopause'
An educational toolkit of materials has been developed to support local country initiatives throughout the month of October to raise awareness of this potential health issue and many have been translated into key languages to ensure the campaign has a truly international perspective – read more»

16th June 2014 – Reports from the 2014 World Congress, Cancun
Minutes of the CAMS Assembly
14th World Congress Cancun Report



Recent statements

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Prague 2016

The First Announcment for the 15th IMS World Congress on the Menopause is now available – read more »

Cancun 2014

For photographs of the Congress and to claim your UEMS Certificate please go to



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