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Kleinman and colleagues have attempted to quantify the economic burden of employees who are diagnosed with menopause symptoms [1]. Their regression-based study analyzed the 2001–2010 medical, pharmacy, sick leave, disability, workers’ compensation, and productivity data of large US employers. A cohort of employed women with diagnosed menopause symptoms (DMS), aged more than 40 years, was identified using medical claims. Control employees were propensity-matched on age, employer, plan enrollment length, and enrollment end date. The study included 17,322 women in each cohort. Employees with DMS had significantly higher medical costs ($4315 vs. $2972, [i]p[/i] < 0.001), pharmacy costs ($1366 vs. $908, [i]p[/i] < 0.001), sick leave costs ($647 vs. $599, [i]p[/i] < 0.001), and sick leave days (3.57 vs. 3.30, [i]p[/i] < 0.001). Employees with DMS had 12.2% ([i]p[/i] = 0.007) lower hourly productivity and 10.9% ([i]p[/i] = 0.014) lower annual productivity than controls.


  • Amos Pines
    Department of Medicine T, Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel


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