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World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th of October. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing. We encourage professionals and women to participate in this global awareness raising campaign by printing and sharing these materials, organising events to engage their communities, and sharing World Menopause Day social media posts.

The theme for World Menopause Day 2024 is Menopause Hormone Therapy.

The White Paper, Information Leaflet for Women, Engagement Toolkit and all available translations will be available to download below shortly

The 2024 IMS White paper, and theme of World Menopause Day, aims to report on the current controversies regarding prescribing of menopause hormone therapy (MHT).

It will examine controversial topics within each one of these categories such as

  • Who should use MHT?
    • Should women without symptoms be prescribed MHT
    • Should medically high-risk women be prescribed MHT
  • What should be used?
    • Are the types and doses of estrogen and progesterone important
    • Why are women still turning to compounded bioidentical MHT in some countries
    • Has the prescribing of testosterone in women become overzealous
  • When should MHT be started?
    • Should MHT be started before the menopause
    • Should MHT be initiated in older women well past the menopause transition
  • Why is MHT important?
    • Are we over medicalising the menopause
    • Should we be recommending non hormonal alternatives instead of, or in addition to MHT
  • Where can MHT be accessed?
    • Women in Low and Middle Income countries have limited / no access to MHT – what can be done about this
    • Are influencers (medical, political and social) creating unrealistic expectations or restoring the balance to where it should be

The overall aim of this White paper will be to provide a well-balanced blueprint for both Healthcare Professionals and the public for managing the menopause with MHT, where appropriate to do so.

Click on the relevant button below to go straight to the section you wish to view or just scroll through the whole page at your own pace.

IMS White Paper

Leaflet for Women

Engagement Toolkit

Expert Interview – for Women
Expert Interview – for HCPs 
Reports from around the World

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Previous World Menopause Days


The IMS White Paper –

To download and read the White Paper, click on the appropriate language below:





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Leaflet for Women

IMS has produced the Patient Information Leaflet to help women to better understand the condition and how it can be managed and treated.

To download and read the Leaflet for Women, click on the appropriate language below:






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Engagement Toolkit

Organisations, professionals and women are all encouraged to participate in the World Menopause Day global awareness raising campaign by sharing our educational resources, organising events and engaging with social media posts.

This Engagement Toolkit will enable you to share and promote your activities to a global audience. Click on the image below to download.


Social Media Assets

Social media assets can be accessed via the link below.

Download Here

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Reports from Around the World

Please forward your own experiences and photos to for inclusion here.

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