30th March 2017

Lectures from the 1st IMS Pre-Congress Workshop held in Prague on the 27th Sept 2016 entitled "21st Century Menopause Management" are now available for all IMS Members to view. Log in to the Members Section of the site and follow the link for the Educational Lecture Series.

21st March 2017

3rd IMS Regional Conference

IMS, in collaboration with the Serbian Menopause Society, are co-hosting the third regional conference on the Menopause, in Belgrade, Serbia on the 16-19th November, 2017.

Visit for more details.

13th March 2017

IMS releases a press statement on the recently published paper "The evidence base for HRT: what can we believe?" by RD Langer

9th March 2017

New Educational Lecture Series available in the Members Section.

Please log in to see the series recorded at the 1st IMS Regional Conference held in Mumbai, India in December 2013.

6th January 2017

International Menopause Society announces a new Editorial Team for Climacteric.

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3rd January 2017

The International Menopause Society is pleased and proud to congratulate its President, Professor Mary Ann Lumsden, who has been awarded an OBE for services to Women’s Health, by Her Majesty the Queen in the UK Honours List, 2017. 

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3rd January 2017

New Year Address from Mary Ann Lumsden, IMS President

2017 is going to be a very exciting year for the Society and I hope every member will work with me and the IMS Board of Trustees so that we can achieve our aims for the coming year.

The World Congress in Vancouver in June 2018 is on the topic of ‘Midlife health in the 21st Century, a lifestyle approach’ and will be focused on the younger menopausal woman. It will be aimed particularly at those who are perimenopausal or have premature ovarian insufficiency. Perimenopause will be a major priority for the Society this year and will also be the topic of World Menopause Day in the autumn. We are in the process of developing an excellent scientific program for Vancouver and the meeting will provide a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts around the world and to share cutting-edge research and developments in the menopause world. The success of any congress is only achieved by collaborative working, and I hope every member will think about how they can help: whether it is attending the meeting, promoting it to your colleagues and contacts, or submitting an Abstract in order to share your expertise and experience with others.

The care of women in midlife is the reason why this Society is in existence, but not all health professionals have the opportunity of being able to offer the specialized advice needed to help such women who they see in their clinics. I will be visiting Colombia, Singapore, India and China on behalf of the IMS to share knowledge and expertise, and many other Board members are also attending meetings around the world, so we look forward to seeing you in your own country and sharing knowledge and expertise that I hope you will find useful in helping improve the quality of life of your patients.

Finally, I hope you will benefit from the development of the IMS educational arm and join in the new initiatives which will cover all aspects of healthy aging and prevention of disease. Professor Duru Shah from Mumbai has all sorts of innovative ideas to develop the Digital Education strategy and Amos Pines will continue to help organize the local meetings and produce Menopause Live so that every member can increase their knowledge and help to improve midlife women’s health around the world. Keep an eye on our website for further information as the year progresses.

Any Society is only as good as its members, and we welcome your contribution to the work of the Society and your help to achieve our aims for the New Year. I would be delighted to hear from any member, new or old, on how we can help you in your own practice in order that all women can lead full and active lives for as long as they wish.

Please click to read The President’s vision and aims for the future of IMS.

6th November 2016

"What hot flushes can tell us about our health".
IMS President, Mary Ann Lumsden, commented in an article about hot flushes in the Irish Times recently.

Read the article here.

1st October 2016

IMS World Congress - Winners

At the recent IMS World Congress on the Menopause in Prague, the following winners were announced:-
IMS Henry Burger Prize - Dr Rebecca Thurston from the USA
IMS Robert Greenblatt Prize - Dr Gianluca Di Luigi from Italy and Dr Kate Maclaran from the UK
IMS Womens Health Olympics - Winner - Dr Ardelle Stauffer from Canada and Runner Up - Dr Manickam Priyadarshini from India.
IMS Bursary Award - Dr Wei-Ling Shiu from Australia.
Our heartfelt congratulations go to all the winners for their tremendous achievements.

5th September 2016

World Menopause Day 2016

All the materials for this years World Menopause Day on the 18th October, are now available for download at
This years theme follows the theme of our World Congress - "Heart Health Matters".

15th August 2016

The 4th IMS Webinar - Sexual Dysfunction at Midlife is now available in the video library.

Click here to watch.

6th July 2016

IMS Seeks new Editors in Chief of Climacteric.
Rod Baber IMS President reports that after nine years at the helm of Climacteric, Nick Panay and Anna Fenton have decided to retire as Editors in Chief of the Society journal. If you, as an IMS Member, feel you would like to put yourself forward, or indeed know of anyone suitably qualified for the role, click here for more details.

25th June 2016

The 4th IMS Webinar entitled "Sexual Dysfunction at Midlife" took place on Saturday 25th June 2016.

It will be available to watch on the website soon.

Click here for more information.

23rd April 2016

The 2nd and 3rd IMS Webinars are now available to watch on the IMS website.

Click here to view now.

15th March 2016


The International Menopause Society is today announcing a new level of Associate membership, which aims to introduce the Society to younger health professionals who have an interest in midlife health, but may not be able, or wish to participate and benefit from full membership of the Society.
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15th January 2016

IMS announces new research bursary for young researchers.
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12th November 2015

New NICE guidelines on the Menopause welcomed by International Menopause Society

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3rd November 2015

Taipei Conference Second Announcement and Programme
IMS is pleased to announce that the Second Announcement and Programme of its Regional Conference in Taipei, Taiwan on December 4th 2015 in collaboration with the Taiwanese Menopause Society has been published.

18th October 2015

World Menopause Day 2015 - "What comes to mind - menopause and the aging brain"
To celebrate World Menopause Day on 18th October 2015, IMS launched a new campaign with the theme "What comes to mind - menopause and the aging brain".
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16th - 17th October 2015

1st Serbian Congress on the Menopause.

Professor Svetlana Vujovic, IMS Board member, reports:-

The 1st Serbian Congress on the Menopause and Involutive Hypoandrogenism was held on October 16th and 17th, at the National Institute in Belgrade, Serbia. 

There were 350 participants made up of endocrinologists, gynecologists, general practitioners, psychiatrists, nurses and students and 30 lecturers from Serbia, other regional countries and the UK.

The opening lecture, by Farook Al Azzawi, Leicester, was focused on the brain, stem cells and gonadal hormones. Other lecturers came from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro; the ex-Yugoslav countries.  Leading experts from the Medical faculty in Belgrade and Serbian Academy of Science covered a broad spectrum of menopausal topics and topics concerning Involutive Hypoandrogenism.  15 young scientists made oral presentations and an award was given for the best poster presentation.

The registration fee was €100 and all the most prominent media, TV stations and newspapers covered the Congress. 

In a friendly, sophisticated atmosphere the Congress reached its goal – transmission of knowledge and improving quality of life.

Click here to download a short video featuring some of the highlights of the Congress.

1st October 2015

1st IMS Webinar entitled  "Osteoporosis & Women" is now available on our website.
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24th April 2015

New paper published in Nature re the menopause

IMS Board members Susan Davis, Mary Ann Lumsden and Tommaso Simoncini, plus other IMS members and Margaret Rees, President of EMAS, have contributed to the paper published in Nature on 23rd April entitled ‘ Menopause’.

The article is a comprehensive overview of all aspects of menopause and can  be read online, free of charge, for 12 months using the following link:

13th March 2015

Report on Colegio Mexicano de Especialistas en Ginecología y Obstetricia

An IMS symposium was held at the recent Colegio Mexicano de Especialistas en Ginecología y Obstetricia held in Mexico City on 13th March, and hosted by the COMEGO President, Cuauhtémoc Celis González. The symposium focused on the Fundamentals of Menopausal Medicine. This 90-minute plenary symposium was uniquely held in English and Spanish, with two Board members and another IMS member as speakers, and with simultaneous translation available to audience members. Chair and speaker Victor Henderson spoke on the theme of Cognitive impairment: menopause or aging?. Peter Chedraui discussed Menopause and metabolic disorders and Julio Morfín Martín posed the questions ‘Menopausal Hormone Therapy: why not? why you?. The symposium was very well received by the estimated audience of 500 delegates, who participated in the Q&A session.

Ginecología y Obstetricia
Ginecología y Obstetricia
Ginecología y Obstetricia
Ginecología y Obstetricia
16th February 2015

Menopausal hormone use and ovarian cancer risk: individual participant meta-analysis of 52 epidemiological studies. The Lancet. Published online, 12 February 2015

Please find attached analysis of the recent published paper in The Lancet which discusses HRT and ovarian cancer risk.

This includes:

A full analysis of the paper will feature in the next issue of  Menopause Live.

Any queries, please contact Lee Tomkins, Executive Director for further information

19th January 2015

Breaking news

IMS Board member, Professor Susan Davis, to be given top award by The Endocrine Society. 
IMS would like to offer sincere congratulations to Professor Susan Davis who has been awarded a 2015 Laureate for International Excellence in Endocrinology Award by The Endocrine Society.

Please follow the link for further news

5th January 2015

The IMS launches patient information videos on YouTube – a new practical guide to managing the menopause

The IMS is pleased to announce a series of seven short, easy-to-understand videos, which will be launched on YouTube on 5th January 2015, to specifically help women access simple, relevant and credible information about the menopause and counteract the misleading information often found on social media sites. The videos cover a whole range of issues surrounding the menopause, including the issues women worry most about: weight gain, treatment safety, and sex after the menopause.

Rod Baber, President of the IMS, who is one of the presenters, commented: “The internet is a great source of information, but it is also a great source of misinformation, particularly where health is concerned. The IMS is the most authoritative global body dealing with the menopause, so we have a responsibility to make sure that good, reliable information is available to women going through the menopause.”

The information is also presented by IMS Board members, Susan Davis and Anna Fenton. The videos are short, running from 4 to 13 minutes and each one covers a specific menopausal subject in bite-sized form, so they can be viewed separately to address specific issues, or together as a good educational package. 

All these videos will be available to the public free of charge and can be viewed or downloaded by: clicking here. The series comprises the following films:

1. What are the symptoms?
2. How will it affect my health?
3. What is Menopausal Hormone Therapy (HRT)?
4. Is Menopausal Hormone Therapy (HRT) safe?
5. Complementary therapies
6. Treatment options
7. Will it affect my sex life?

All feedback from members will be gratefully received and, if this is successful, we would welcome any suggestions for further topics to be addressed using the video format.

16th December 2014

Honorary doctorate awarded to Professor Henry Burger

IMS was delighted to hear that Professor Henry Burger, an IMS past President, was awarded a Doctorate of Laws honoris causa, by Monash University, Melbourne, Australia on 16th December 2014.

Rod Baber, IMS President commented ‘Henry Burger was co founder of Australia’s first menopause clinic, The Jean Hailes Clinic and has been a leading researcher in the menopause field for many years. This is a well deserved and fitting recognition of the contribution he has made to medical science and the well being of women. I have know Henry for many years. He has been a mentor to me and to many others. He has always been an excellent teacher, giving of his time and expertise to help colleagues, student and patients alike. On behalf of IMS,  I would like to offer heartfelt congratulations to Henry on receiving this wonderful accolade for a lifetime of achievement.’

Professor Henry Burger
21st October 2014

Report on the WHO meeting attended by Dr. Duru Shah on behalf of the International Menopause Society.

The Regional Meeting on Health of Older Women: Policy, Gender and Delivery of Service Issues was held 23–25th September 2014 in Bangkok, aiming to promote the health of older women in countries of South-East Asia Region. Please follow this link to a full report.

Dr. Duru Shah in one of the working groups
Dr. Duru Shah delivering her lecture on “Prevention of chronic diseases in older women"
Representatives of 11 countries from South East Asia
Dr. Duru Shah with representatives from the Ministry of Health, India
16th June 2014

Reports from the 2014 World Congress, Cancun

For more details from Cancun, visit

29–30th March 2014

HRT Excellence Days  - an international collaboration between IMS, the Russian Menopause Society, and Abbott Laboratories, Zhangzhou, China

Post meeting report, by Tobie de Villiers, President, IMS

Tobie de Villiers, President reports ‘IMS provided the international speaker panel which included John Stevenson and new Board member Alfred Mueck. Qi Yu who is the Chinese Editor of Climacteric in China, hosted the meeting on behalf of the Chinese Menopause Society. The lectures had a great response with many questions that were professionally handled by the speakers from the audience which was 250 Chinese menopause enthusiasts. 
As previous meetings have shown simultaneous translation via headphones is mandatory and we had 2 projection screens, one in English and one in Chinese for all presetnnations which really encoruaged audience particiaption.
The day was ended with an enjoyable traditional Chinese dinner. The starter included amongst others duck’s tongue! 
A very successful meeting co-hosted By IMS, Chinese Menopause Society and the Chinese Medical Association, and provided an excellent opportunity to showcase what IMS can offer in the field of menopause. 
The event was sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant by Abbott Laboratories.

31st January–1st February 2014

HRT Excellence Days - an international collaboration between IMS, the EAU Menopause Society, and Abbott Laboratories, Abu Dhabi

Post meeting report by Rodney Baber, President elect

IMS held an educational weekend on the menopause in Abu Dhabi, 31st January - 1st February 2014.
Rod Baber, President - elect reports ‘The IMS HRT Excellence day on Saturday 31st January featured lectures by Tobie de Villiers on Definitions, The Management of early post menopausal women, HRT and Bone and a summary of the IMS Global Consensus Statement.
Dr John Stevenson spoke on cardiovascular aspects of HRT including stroke and VTE and also on the window of opportunity for HRT and Dr Rod Baber spoke on HRT and the Breast as well as the general principals governing the use of HRT.
Dr Hisham Arab from Saudi Arabia spoke about the challenges to the management of the menopause in the Middle East and Dr Rubina Hussein about similar challenges to menopause management in Pakistan.
The meeting was attended by 250 enthusiastic delegates from a number of Countries within the region. 
The next day a Menarche to Menopause session featured talks on menstrual disorders in young women, abnormal uterine bleeding, Infertility and the use of progestogens in early pregnancy, Clinical and psychological aspects of pregnancy loss and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency. The day concluded with two case studies on Breast and Bleeding issues and cardiovascular disease and HRT.
This was a wonderful opportunity for IMS to provide educational assistance in an area not usually visited. The meeting was well attended and was very popular with the delegates and we hope that IMS will be able to hold future meetings in the region in co-operation with local menopause societies.
The meeting was supported with an unrestricted educational grant from Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

5–8th March 2014

ISGE – What does the future look like - therapies in development
Florence, Italy

Tobie de Villiers, President reports ‘We had an excellent turnout of nearly 200 delegates attending the IMS session entitled: "What does the future look like - therapies in development".
Five other IMS Board members acted as presenters including David Archer, Rosella Nappi, Peter Chedraui, Anne Gompel and Duru Shah, covering topics such as the future of therapies for hot flushes, female sexual health, nutrition in the aging population, breast in the menopausal woman and bone therapies of the future.
Question time was limited but the audience raised some very thought provoking issues and everyone stayed until the end of the session which was very well received.  This was an excellent opportunity for IMS to showcase both expertise and a vision of the future and provided a great opportunity to promote the World Congress in Cancun. Many thanks to Amos Pines, Director of Education, for developing this very interesting session’.

6–8th December 2013

Report on the International Conference on "Challenges in Women’s Health – New Dimensions in the 21st Century”

The International Congress on "Challenges in Women’s Health – New Dimensions in the 21st Century” was held between 6th to 8th December 2013 at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, India. The Congress was jointly organized by the International Menopause Society (IMS) and the Indian Menopause Society (IMS-India) and was supported by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, Government of India.

A full report on the conference is now available online – read more »

19th September 2013

First report form the Bangladesh Menopause Society of their first AGM and second medical conference – read more »

6th September 2013

The second announcement brochure for our regional meeting Challenges in Womens Health, in collaboration with the Indian Menopause Society, to be held in Mumbai, 6-8th December 2013, now available online – read more »

14th June 2013

IMS educational roadshow in collaboration with the Chinese Menopause Society and Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, 12–18th June, 2013.

Tobie De Villiers, President, David Sturdee, past President and Professor Pauline Maki are the speaker panel for a 3 city lecture tour including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing covering the basics of menopause management. The meeting in Shanghai yesterday was a great success see pictures and they are now in transit to Hangzhou. A full report of the meeting will appear in Our Menopause World in July 2013.

10th January 2012

The first announcement brochure for our regional meeting Challenges in Womens Health, in collaboration with the Indian Menopause Society, to be held in Mumbai, 6-8th December 2013, now available online – read more »

18th October 2011

 World Menopause Day Press Release – Menopausal Hot Flushes - new study shows women dont have to suffer, says International Menopause Society – read more »

October 2010

Patient infomation leaflet: Vaginal atrophy - a change with the menopause – read more »

17th January 2010

Patient Information Sheets from the Australasian Menopause Society now available on this website also – read more »

31st December 2009

Reports on World Menopause Month 2009 – read more »

November 2009

2009 Update: Educational lectures on HRT and menopause now available to members – read more »